£ SOLD, Suzuki GP 125 (UK bike, 16800 miles, History file) 1985 B Reg

MAKE. Suzuki

MODEL. GP 125 (UK bike, 16800 miles, History file)

YEAR. 1985


MILEAGE. 16800 miles

  • Original owner’s manual
  • Service bills/invoices
  • Lots of old MOTs throughout bike’s entire life
  • Technical/Repair Manual
  • Old V5s with good known ownership
  • New tyres fitted
  • MOTd April 2020

COLOUR. Metallic Red

ENGINE SIZE. Air Cooled Single Cylinder 2 Stroke 123cc with Rotary Valve 15 bhp @ 8500 rpm

TRANSMISSION. 5 speed manual Wet clutch


Delightful Suzuki GP 125 in Metallic Red. UK supplied in April 1985 this is a rare thing to be found nowadays. Highly original, it even (almost unbelievably) retains it’s original 34 year old rear number plate. New tyres recently fitted

We have quite an interesting history file which includes it’s original owner’s manual, service bills/invoices, lots of old MOTs, a technical/repair manual, and plenty of old V5s. With all of it considered, the mileage at 17000 miles can be deemed to be correct, and also there is a a good picture of the bike’s ownership throughout it’s life

Fettled and tweaked by it’s previous owner, it has good compression, starts easily and settles to an even idle. It rides without fault, with the 15 bhp 2 stroke motor proving willing and quite lively. The little motor thrives on revs, of course that is all part of the fun, and these were considered to be one of the quicker 80s stroker 125s back in the day, in spite of (or perhaps because of ?) their single cylinder simplicity. A little drop of Castrol R in the tank serves to enhance the whole experience

This particular bike should not be confused with lesser (cheaper) ‘barn find’ type examples, with seized engines and distinctly tired cosmetics, sold as ‘easy restos’ It is very commendably clean, ready for fun, and ‘on the button’.

A brilliant price range classic that would suit a youngster whom wants a 125 of character, and decent pace, or as a piece of nostalgia for the older generations. MOTd April 2020. 



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