£ SOLD, Suzuki TS 250 N (Retro classic trailie) 1978 S Reg

MAKE. Suzuki

MODEL. TS 250 N (Retro classic trailie)

YEAR. 1978


MILEAGE. 24000 miles

– Just had + 1.0mm rebore, new piston and rings, small end, new top end gaskets and full bottom end checkover
– Just had carb strip and ultrasonic clean
– New NGK plug
– Fresh 2T oil
– New fork seals and fluid
– New front brake shoes and brake cable
– New headstock bearings
– Good chain and sprockets
– Good matching tyres
– New Hagon rear shocks fitted
– New MOT prior to sale


ENGINE SIZE. Air Cooled Single 2 Stroke 246cc Reed Valve Induction 23bhp @ 6500 rpm

CARBURATION. 1 x Mikuni VM29SS Slide Type

TRANSMISSION. 5 speed manual Wet clutch

TOP SPEED. 80 mph

WEIGHT. 119 kg


Brilliant little Suzuki TS 250 Trails/Scrambler. Green. This is an ‘N’ version of 1978/1979 vintage, recently registered on an ‘S’ suffix, and declared manufactured by DVLA as 1978 so Tax and MOT exempt.

Recent works and fettling include + 1.0mm rebore, new piston and rings, new small end, new top end gaskets and full bottom end checkover. Carburettor removed, stripped and ultrasonically cleaned, a new NGK spark plug (of course) and fresh 2T oil. New fork seals and fluid, new front brake shoes and brake cable, and new headstock bearings. The chain and sprockets are good, as are the matching tyres, and it has had new Hagon rear shocks fitted. It starts and runs beautifully, without hesitation.

The frame is particularly clean, and removing the fuel tank, side panels and seat, reveals all to be similarly clean in the hidden areas. The original CDI system creates a healthy spark and the CCI oil injection system is as originally fitted, and functions perfectly.

The bike retains it’s original clocks, with the rev counter and speedometer performing faultlessly, switchgear, lights, handlebars, spoked rims etc, and remains standard in it’s specification.

It is a smart bike in all areas. The tank, mudguards and side panels have been painted to a less than professional standard, no doubt by a keen owner, but by the same token are entirely presentable, and proudly display nice period style decals and badges. It all looks good, but there is room for improvement here, and it would prove simple and inexpensive.

Recorded Category N due to non availablity of new original parts. Total repair cost was just £230 ! We have a full breakdown of used parts that were required and all purchase bills/invoices for them.

Great fun to ride, it is very light, and the 250cc 2 -stroke motor extremely willing, and seemingly giving more than it’s 23bhp. Totally usable, this is a fabulous little bike for spurting around the lanes on a Sunday morning, with the odd bit of ‘green laning’ and trail riding thrown in. As with many other classics, a bike such as this can offer so much fun, a real sense of nostalgia, and enjoyment of use and ownership. Just fantastic.

Whilst the bike is now Tax and MOT exempt, we will MOT it in the interests of good practise prior to sale



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