£ SOLD, Volkswagen Beetle ‘VolksRod’ 1975 N. Reg

Volkswagen Beetle ‘VolksRod’ 1975 N. Reg, Satin Black. 

Properly built, and well finished VolksRod with refreshed 1600cc Twin Carb engine. Tax/MOT exempt.

External features include gorgeous chrome Center Line wheels with 16″ fronts wearing 195/55s  and 17″ rears wearing 235/40s, chrome headlamp cowls, handmade wheel arches, exposed suspension detail, chromed engine parts with performance air filters, slammed stance with excess negative camber, external windscreen sun visor and LED lights.

The interior is also well finished with a dinky 11″ diameter 3 spoke steering wheel, although the steering remains commendably light, aluminium dashboard panelling, extensive instrumentation, quilted headlining, LED lighting, chrome rear view mirror and door handles, and a skateboard wheel for a throttle pedal !

Clearly a car of individual character, it runs well, and drives all good. Clutch and gearbox nice, brakes firm and strong, and the 1600cc motor feels genuinely lively.

Clean and solid, and essentially well sorted. ‘Specials’ like this will always need a little fettling, and there will always be something to be done, but all in all this is a decent VolksRod ready to be used.

P/EX WELCOME – Motorcycle, Car, Classic- What have you ?


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