£ SOLD, Norton 750 Commando Roadster Mk2 (Properly maintained, Very clean, Fit and healthy) 1972 K Reg

MAKE. Norton

MODEL. 750 Commando Roadster Mk2 (Properly maintained, Very clean, Fit and healthy)

YEAR. 1972


COLOUR. Fireflake Golden Bronze

ENGINE SIZE. 745cc Air cooled OHV Parallel Twin developing 65bhp

CARBURATION. Single 32mm dia. Amal Concentric Carburettor conversion

TRANSMISSION. 4 speed manual – RHS 1 down 3 up


Delightful Norton 750 Commando Roadster Mk2 in quite rare Fireflake Golden Bronze. The Fireflake (metal flake) colours were only used on certain years of Commandos, we think 1970-1972, and are now few and far between. This is a 1972 K registered Mk2 Roadster model that has spent most of it’s life in the US, and has had just one owner in the UK since coming here in 2013. Being a ‘72 Mk2 model it has a front disc brake and, we believe, in this case the uprated higher performance ‘Combat’ engine. There is a certain ambiguity with the ‘72 bikes as to whether the Combat motor is fitted, and even the engine number does not make a clear case. Significantly, this bike has a markedly narrower gap between the cooling fins, versus the other fins, where the head meets the barrel, and this indicates a Combat motor with it’s higher 10.0:1 compression ratio, and high lift ‘2S’ camshafts, offering a 5bhp increase over the standard motor @ 65bhp. Problems with early Combat engines are well documented, and feature mainly on main bearing failure. Norton got to grips with the issue fairly quickly in the ’70s, and bikes that remain to this day have generally had the necessary upgrades and engineered solutions required, thus allowing the Combat powered machines to offer what their raison d’etre always was, that of a more powerful, higher performing motorcycle over the earlier models. This bike had the much needed Superblend bearings fitted quite early in it’s life by the original owner in the US, whom owned it for 30 odd years until 2004. The fibreglass tank has been properly treated internally with aircraft grade sealant, with no signs of degradation, it has uprated period style Hagon shocks, a new British made exhaust system, beautiful original Borrani rims, renewed fork seals and reinforced oil tank mountings. Conscientiously maintained by it’s previous, knowledgeable owner, it has had regular 20w 50 oil changes every 1000 miles, and benefits further from an AP Lockheed racing front brake caliper fitted, along with matched master cylinder to give almost modern levels of retardation ! The original caliper and master cylinder are present, and will also be supplied. It has a single 32mm Amal carburettor in place of the original twin carb set up, and once again the original parts are present and will be supplied. It starts easily, and quickly settles to an even idle, revving ever so crisply on the slightest throttle input, and with a wonderful bark from the exhausts. An oil pressure gauge now sits on the headlight unit, where the original (and rather less important) ammeter used to be. The rear swing arm spindle has also been replaced with a +10 thou item and new bushes. The condition is that of a very original, unrestored bike, in generally very nice all round condition. It’s 44 years old, so some ‘patina’ is evident, to be expected, and even desirable. Some corrosion to some of the chrome work and general evidence of age is present, but all in all, this is a very nice machine that looks, runs and rides every bit as nicely as you would hope for. All original numbers on the frame, engine and gearbox are matching in the, correct for year, 200000 series, actually in this case 206xxx. The previous owner has used the bike with some regularity, much more so than would be reasonably expected, during the last 3 years, and he tells us the only mechanical issue it suffered was a broken clutch cable. It’s important to clarify that this is not some ‘basket case’ fresh import that hasn’t turned a wheel in 20 years, or that requires a complete rebuild, but a highly original machine in fit and healthy condition, that has been used regularly in recent times, and is ready to be used and enjoyed this coming summer with no work, other than the usual mechanically sympathetic ongoing maintenance any such older vehicle demands. This is a bike that will only appreciate in value, and is a true classic machine in every sense of the words. It will offer much pleasure on those Sunday morning rideouts and meets with similarly minded riders and owners, and instil a great deal of pleasure from it’s ownership. MOTd November 2017

Motorcycle or car welcome in part exchange, up or down. Delivery possible – Please enquire


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