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Mark Higgins flying lap at IOM TT 2016

Mark Higgins in his Subaru WRC rally car doing a flying lap at an average speed of 128mph at the 2016 TT. Just incredible. Subaru had returned to the island with a full on assault of the overall lap record following their 2014 effort which resulted in a 116mph average speed. However, the superbikes cover the same lap quite a bit quicker, with Peter Hickman achieving an average speed of 135mph during TT fortnight 2018, and are in a different league to this. Believe it or not, this 600bhp £500000 + supercar laps in a similar time to the 130bhp Supersport bikes, and slower than the 1000 Superstock machines available ‘off the shelf’ for around £20000. With those comments bourne in mind, and with due respect to Mark’s heroic, and supremely skilful efforts, this video, above all others, gives a very clear indication of  the speed of the TT bikes and the superhuman abilities of their riders. That is why the IOM TT is the greatest motorsport spectacle of it’s kind, and every year, people flock from each corner of the world to be a part of this astonishing, and unique event.