Part Exchange & Delivery

Part Exchange

We are happy to offer a part exchange facility on any of our vehicles, and will consider vehicles of a higher or lower value than that of the one that we are selling.

Our core business is now motorcycle sales, and any motorcycle is welcome in part exchange. We will consider cars in part exchange, but are much more selective in what we are prepared to accept, and so many will be declined. It is always worth asking us though.

If the part exchange vehicle has outstanding finance owed on it, we can re-finance or contra the amount owed onto our sales vehicle for you. We can often enable a customer a change of vehicle that they may not have thought possible.

With our approach to contra-settling existing finance, and our flexible trade up or trade down facility, we can cater for most customers’ needs. Please call to discuss your requirements.


We can arrange delivery of any motorcycle to any part of mainland UK, either in our own transport, or by our trusted third party motorcycle courier. Generally, we can provide this service for an inclusive fee of £99+VAT, but exceptions can apply where an additional fee may be required.

In almost all cases, deliveries will be completed within 7 working days from the point of sale, and very often quicker than this, particularly for motorcycles delivered using our own transport.