£ SOLD, BSA Bantam D10 175, 1966/D


MODEL. Bantam D10 175

YEAR. 1966


MILEAGE. 19000 (not warranted)

COLOUR. Red / Silver

ENGINE SIZE. 175cc Single Cylinder 2 Stroke with Pre-Mix


TOP SPEED. 57 mph

WEIGHT. Not much !


Time to sell our little hobby bike BSA Bantam D10. Registered 1966 on a ‘D’ suffix, this is the first of the D10s with the 10hp 175cc motor and a 3 speed gearbox. Frame and engine numbers match being D103*2, as indeed they would have done when new on a Bantam of this vintage. In Red and Silver it is commendably clean for it’s age, of course with a distinct patina, but genuinely in good cosmetic order, and very smart. Original pressed rear number plate and hanger, and front mudguard radially mounted number plate, along with all original switchgear add to the overall sense of originality of this particular example. Original chrome wheels in good order with only minimal pitting. Useful mechanical upgrades include a Boyer electronic ignition system and Rex Caunt Racing solid state rectifier/regulator, both operating in harmony with the original 6v electrical system, and ensuring a strong spark, and faultless charging system. In addition to these, since we’ve had it it’s had a new alternator, new SAE40 classic mineral oil in the gearbox, crankcase drained, new spark plug and lead, new front brake cable, new battery, new fuel pipe and filter, repairs to some of the original wiring, and carb strip/clean/rebuild. These are the definitive starter classic, but are so much more than that. The little 2 stroke motor is so willing and just sounds so sweet, and with a capful of Castrol R smells fine too. The chassis is super light and incredibly agile, and the combination of all of this is a 50 year old motorcycle that’ll continue to put a huge grin on it’s rider’s face, not to mention passers by as you lose them in a haze of blue smoke ! Historic vehicle tax, and MOT exemption from May 2018, although we will happily put a new MOT on it for it’s new owner



 photo P1010056_zpsesqnzfq4.jpg photo P1010050_zpsdkactck7.jpg photo P1010055_zpslx2enugi.jpg photo P1010053_zpsuqfkvtsj.jpg photo P1010054_zpsj9q0skww.jpg photo P1010051_zpsqrqdlmuo.jpg photo P1010052_zps2tmqzlbf.jpg photo P1010049_zps3zizyjvp.jpg photo P1010046_zps76q3y5rx.jpg photo P1010048_zpsjgxlokkf.jpg photo P1010044_zps4td67od6.jpg photo P1010045_zpsqhv4kqhw.jpg photo P1010043_zps53fdzlct.jpg photo P1010047_zpskqz2ktve.jpg