£ SOLD, Yamaha RD 250/350 LC (UK Bike, Restored, Show Standard) 1982 X Reg

MAKE. Yamaha

MODEL. RD 250/350 LC (UK Bike, Restored, Show Standard) 1982 X Reg

YEAR. 1982


MILEAGE. 26000 miles

COLOUR. Red and White

ENGINE SIZE. Liquid Cooled Parallel Twin 2 Stroke 347cc 47bhp @ 8500 rpm

TRANSMISSION. 6 speed manual Wet clutch

TOP SPEED. 114mph


WEIGHT. 149kg (wet)


WOW ! Truly gorgeous Yamaha RD 250/350 LC. Registered from new in the UK March 1982 on an ‘X’ suffix. In beautiful Red and White colour scheme.

Actually a 1981 model year 250 LC, with a 4L1 300xxx frame, fitted with a 1980/1981 350 LC motor of 4L0 000xxx type.

Restored from the bare frame up, which has been professionally powdercoated, widened and braced, to essentially show standard, this bike is quite wonderful. Very high quality paintwork and finish, and all but totally unblemished. Morad stainless spoked rims are a classy touch, and look superb, as do the polished forks, yokes and numerous other chrome components. The instruments have been restored as well, with new faces. 

The 4L0 motor runs 4L0 1 carbs, carbon reeds, a lightened flywheel, twin coil ignition, new powervalve headers, RG 250 chambers and F2 Racing carbon exhaust cans. It has decent compression, starts easily, and both runs and sounds superb.

Up front, the forks have uprated internals, and a new RD250 B brake disc is grabbed via a new mastercylinder and HEL braided brake line by a rebuilt TZ caliper on a bespoke mount. The rear hub is an RD250 B unit driven by a new heavy duty 520 chain and sprocket kit. New swingarm bushes have been fitted, along with chain adjusters, a fuel tap and side stand spring and bolt.

Period 350 badging, twin horns and the afforementioned heavier duty chain and sprockets all add to the ‘350’ feel. 

A 350cc ‘ring-a-ding’ 2 stroke, or smoker as they are affectionately referred to, is a different riding experience with very little low down power, torque or engine braking. The little motor needs to be revved, but when it is it will sing in a way no 4 stroke ever will. Just fabulous.

So there we have it. A glorious classic 2 stroke Yamaha that really sounds and looks the business. The pictures say it all, a totally lovely machine that would be an absolute treat to display and show at next summer’s meets.



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