£ SOLD, Yamaha XS750-E Triple (Highly original, Matching numbers) 1978 S Reg

MAKE. Yamaha

MODEL. XS750-E Triple (Highly original, Matching numbers)

YEAR. 1978


MILEAGE. 23000 miles

  • Recent oil and filter change utilising Silkolene oil and HiFlo filter
  • Recent final drive and ‘middle’ gear oil replacement utilising Comma 80w/90 GL5 mineral oil
  • Recent replacement spark plugs
  • New Bridgestone Spitfire tyres
  • New MOT provided at point of sale

COLOUR. Carmine Red with Gold pin-striping and Black/Silver alloy/mag wheels

ENGINE SIZE. Air Cooled In-Line Triple Cylinder 747cc DOHC 2v 4 stroke 74 bhp @ 8400 rpm

CARBURATION. 3 x Mikuni BS34- ll Constant Velocity (CV)

TRANSMISSION. 5 speed manual – Shaft drive – Wet clutch

ELECTRICS. Electric start, Electronic ignition

TOP SPEED. 106mph

ACCELERATION. 12.8 s 1/4 mile

WEIGHT. 249 kg


Highly original Yamaha XS750-E Triple in Carmine Red with Gold pin-striping and Black/Silver alloy/mag wheels.

Imported from the warmer climes of the US during 2018, this is a 1978 ‘E’ model with matching frame and engine numbers 1J7-229xxx now UK registered on an ‘S’ suffix. Sold by us to the previous owner, we are pleased to be able to offer it to market once again.

It remains true to it’s original specification, actually quite remarkably so. A period correct, and most desirable 3 into 1 exhaust system is fitted, and serves only to enhance the crisp note of the charismatic triple cylinder motor.

Close inspection of the bike reveals very clearly that it has had recent sympathetic fettling, and re-commissioning. As such it is totally fit and healthy, and runs and rides beautifully. Decently quick, good brakes, easy, surprisingly agile handling, and supremely comfortable, this is a fantastically useable classic motorcycle, with a wonderful sound track.

The ‘E’ variant was the best developed of the XS750 line, and significantly re-engineered over the previous C, D and D2 models, with revised camshafts, higher 9.5:1 compression (vs 8.5:1) more efficient airbox, jetting and breathing, electronic ignition, constant velocity (CV) triple carbs, and an increased rev limit ceiling of 9000 rpm (up from 7500) The net result was a further 10bhp, with the sweet sounding and musical motor developing a healthy 74bhp. Adjustable forks were also introduced, complimenting the increase in power.

With revised gearing, and more power across the entire rev range, the E was a great deal quicker and as a consequence was referred to by the contemporary press reports as ‘the fast one’.

It’s worth mentioning that the 2nd gear problem (going into neutral under load) which is often discussed with the earlier models did not apply to this version.

It was also the first of the breed to offer an oil level inspection window, as opposed to a dipstick, and so an E is very easily identifiable, over and above the frame number prefix of 1J7-2xxxxx.

Has recently had an oil and filter change utilising Silkolene oil and HiFlo filter, final drive and ‘middle’ gear oil replacement utilising Comma 80w/90 GL5 mineral oil, new spark plugs, and new Bridgestone Spitfire tyres. New MOT provided at point of sale.

So there it is, a very useable classic in highly original condition and specification, but with none of the usual classic bike issues that can reduce pleasure of ownership. This bike will start on the button, each and every time, and can be relied upon implicitly. A lovely old girl !



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