£ SOLD, Yamaha XS-2 650 (Registered Historic) 1972 K Reg

MAKE. Yamaha

MODEL. XS-2 650 (Registered Historic)

YEAR. 1972


OWNERSHIP. 1 UK owner (see text)

MILEAGE. 11000 miles (not warranted)

  • Just been rebored +0.5mm with new pistons/rings, new DID timing chain, head stripped/decoked/valves re-lapped, new exhaust valves/collets, all new gaskets
  • Fresh Castrol Power 1 20w 50 mineral oil
  • Modified sump pan filter fitted, cleaned as part of the above, along with gauze filter
  • New NGK B8ES spark plugs
  • New front brake master cylinder with new caliper piston and seals
  • Recent carburettor strip and rebuild with new points and timing set
  • New NOS front engine sprocket
  • New matching Mitas tyres
  • Original tool kit
  • Lots of documentation present including V5, HPI report, dating certificate, original V55 paperwork, some bills, magazine features and Haynes manual

COLOUR. Mandarin Orange

ENGINE SIZE. 653cc Air Cooled Vertical Twin SOHC 53bhp @ 7000rpm

TRANSMISSION. 5 speed manual Wet clutch

TOP SPEED. 115mph +

ACCELERATION. 1/4 mile 13.8s

WEIGHT. 210kg


Yamaha XS-2 650 in Mandarin Orange. 1972 K Reg. Registered Historic vehicle

This is a truly delightful bike that has had significant money spent on it across the last few years. Brought into the UK around 10 years ago, it has been a work in progress for it’s owner whom has carefully brought it back to it’s former glory. As such, it is genuinely very clean, and very smart, with bright shiny paintwork and excellent brightwork. Ultimately, the bike was only registered in the UK upon the owner’s emigration to Spain at which point it had to be sold. This was in 2020 and so the bike is now registered on a period 1972 ‘K’ suffix number, and is classified ‘Historic’ for MOT and road tax purposes

Whilst the bike ran very nicely when we purchased it, with a sweet sounding motor, it was burning a little oil, and had a visible oil leak. We therefore had the engine removed from the frame, and stripped by a reputable and most capable engine builder, and resultantly it has now been rebored +0.5mm with new pistons/rings, the cylinder head taken back to a bare casting, repaired and decoked with new exhaust valves/collets, all valves re-lapped, and reassembled carefully with a new DID timing chain and all new gaskets. An absolute proper job in every sense, and this must be considered when referencing this bike against others

The sump pan has been removed enabling cleaning/inspection of the sump filter, and it was noted that a revised filter has been fitted with a solid corner previously. These bikes were known for problems with the integral sump oil filters, where one corner would collapse rendering the filter obselete. It has then been filled with fresh Castrol 20w 50 mineral oil, fitted with new NGK B8ES spark plugs, and the previously replaced new points re-installed and all set accordingly

Other recent work includes a new front brake master cylinder with new caliper piston and seals, carburettor strip and rebuild, new NOS front engine sprocket, new matching Mitas tyres and plenty of reconditioning to paintwork, chrome and other mechanical parts

The XS-2 benefitted from having both electric start and kick start, with an integral decompressor unit operated from a lever on the RH handlebar serving both that and the starter motor circuit, and developed a healthy 53bhp @ 7000rpm from it’s willing, untemperamental 653cc parallel twin motor. Allied to a 5 speed ‘box, with LHS gearchange, this bike is just a lovely thing to run about on. It also benefits from a front disc brake, allowing decent progress to be made at all times, with the confidence that that brings

The bike has matching numbers and displays the correct S650-1xxxxx chassis number for this variant, along with it’s original engine displaying the same S650-1xxxxx number. The engine work that we had carried out revealed the engine to be the more unusual variant of the early motor with bigger 22mm diameter gudgeon pins. There is a good amount of varied documentation present  including V5, HPI report, dating certificate, original V55 paperwork, some bills, magazine features and Haynes manual. The original (complete) tool kit is also present and stowed under the side hinged seat

Open the fuel taps, set the choke, pull on the small decompressor/electric start lever and it will burst in to life immediately, settling down to an even and suitably throaty idle. On the road, it rides and handles beautifully, with good performance and excellent handling and brakes. An emminently usable, depreciation proof, characterful classic motorcycle, that has had all the work done, and properly so. A little gem that will offer much enjoyment and pride of ownership