£ SOLD, Land Rover Range Rover 3.9 V8 EFi Vogue SE Auto, 1993 K Reg. (P/P)

MAKE. Land Rover

MODEL. Range Rover 3.9 V8 EFi Vogue SE Auto

YEAR. January 1993 / K prefix


OWNERSHIP. 5 owners from new

MILEAGE. 99000 miles

– Recent Valvoline VR1 20w/50 Mineral oil service
– New starter motor
– New PAS pump
– New plugs and leads
– New PAS, fan and alternator drive belts
– Good matching Goodyear Wrangler tyres
– Numerous service bills/invoices
– Old MOTs
– MOTd February 2019

COLOUR. Plymouth Blue metallic with Grey leather trim and Walnut cappings

ENGINE SIZE. 3947 cc V8 185 bhp @ 4750 rpm/ 235 lb ft @ 2600 rpm

TRANSMISSION. ZF 4 speed auto

KERB WEIGHT. 1986 kg


Time to sell our own Range Rover

Very clean and original Range Rover 3.9 V8 EFi Vogue SE Auto. Now referred to as a Range Rover ‘Classic‘ although that is a modernism and not accurate for a model of this vintage. Registered 1993 on a K prefix it wears a personalised plate that will stay with it. In Plymouth Blue metallic with Grey leather trim and Walnut cappings. Mileage is a genuine 99000 miles, and it has only had 5 owners from new. Recent Valvoline VR1 20w/50 Mineral oil service, new starter motor, new PAS pump, new plugs and leads, new PAS, fan and alternator drive belts. It has good matching Goodyear Wrangler tyres and numerous service bills/invoices and old MOTs are present. This is a 1992 Model Year car with a ‘JA’ chassis prefix, and thus is the very last of the conventional coil sprung cars, prior to the introduction of air suspension in mid 1993, and which of course can be problematic with a vehicle of this age. As a Vogue SE, it was the ultimate factory model when new, costing around £36000 to it’s original owner. As a ’JA’ model supplied in Plymouth Blue, it has colour coded alloys (this applied only to specific colours) and the standard Vogue SE spec. was most comprehensive. We ran 2 of these back in the mid ’90s as our tow cars for our car sales business. Now, predominantly motorcycle dealers, we bought this car 3 years ago as a personal vehicle, purely as a bit of fun to trundle around in during the summer months with an air of nostalgia. It struck us then as being a particularly nice example, and we travelled 300 miles to buy it, trailered back by our ever faithful Discovery 3. We loved our ‘Rangies’ back in the day, and this car ably demonstrates why. The 3.9 V8 motor sounds like a V8 should, less ’burbly’ than the earlier 3.5 version, but so much smoother and quicker, and offers ample, low revving, under stressed performance, with an unburstable, unbreakable feel. Brakes are astonishingly good, and the handling actually very agile thanks to the big anti roll bars and last of the line coil spring suspension that this one has. These can be easily hustled along very nicely. The car remains as regal as it ever was, a timeless classic with a high, commanding driving position. This particular car is very original, and genuinely clean. It is fit and healthy, and drives beautifully. However, it is an original, well cared for unrestored car, and so of course shows signs of age throughout. Electrics can be very problematic on these cars, and whilst most things work as they should, it does have the odd foible, notably the infamous electric seat/mirror switch control that sometimes works, but more often not, along with the occasional temperamental fan and window switch. Bodywork is clean, but of course with the aluminium panels there will always be minor signs of corrosion, this one is no different, but does not have anything of particular note. It is very tidy and most presentable, and looks extremely well. To summarise, this a fair, honest and accurate assessment of this car, we feel that it would compare very well to others in this price range, and be head and shoulders above cheaper examples. It is however, a 26 year old Land Rover and therefore needs to be viewed, with realistic expectations. We expect buyers to understand what can be reasonably expected of a vehicle of this age and type. MOTd February 2019




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