£ SOLD, Yamaha YZF-R1 4XV (2 owners, 2400 miles, Standard) 1999 T Reg.

MAKE. Yamaha

MODEL. YZF-R1 4XV (2 owners, 2200 miles, Standard)

YEAR. 1999


OWNERSHIP. 2 owners

MILEAGE. 2400 miles

  •  Original stamped service book
  •  Original owner’s manual
  •  Original bill of sale
  •  Service bills/invoices
  •  Old MOT
  •  All keys (with number tag)
  •  Original owner’s warranty card
  •  Recently serviced with Motul 5100 oil and filter, Iridium spark plugs, fuel filter and carburettors stripped/ultrasonically cleaned/rebuilt with new repair kits
  •  New MOT provided at point of sale

COLOUR. Yamaha Deep Purplish Blue metallic with Silver Wheels

ENGINE SIZE. Liquid Cooled In-Line 4 20v DOHC 998c 150bhp / 80 lb/ft

TRANSMISSION. 6 speed manual Wet clutch

TOP SPEED. 175mph

ACCELERATION. 10.8s 1/4 mile

WEIGHT. 177kg (Dry)


Not too much to say about this one, other than it is a completely standard, and original, virginal bike.

Yamaha YZF-R1 4XV, UK supplied by franchised Yamaha dealers Fraser’s of Gloucester in July 1999, in the year two colour scheme of Yamaha Deep Purplish Blue metallic with White Decals and Silver Wheels.

Just 2 owners, and 2400 miles from new ensure that this bike presents a rare opportunity for any buyer that values mileage and provenance highly. Everything is present, including the original stamped service book and owner’s manual, the original bill of sale, service bills/invoices, old MOTs, all keys (with number tag) and original owner’s warranty card.

We have recently serviced it to include Motul 5100 oil and filter, Iridium spark plugs, fuel filter and carburettors stripped/ultrasonically cleaned/rebuilt with new repair kits, all in the interests of good mechanical practise.

Totally stock, standard and unmodified, it rides as a new machine, and is in original, essentially unmarked condition, proudly displaying all it’s originally fitted parts, from it’s indicators, to it’s levers, to it’s clear screen, to it’s number plate hanger, to it’s exhaust system etc.

These original 4XV R1s were genuinely a game changing motorcycle, taking superbike performance to another level back in the late ‘90s, and paved the way for future superbike development. This bike is far too good, and special, to be bought for general use, but would of course suit a collector, and would serve wonderfully for high days and holidays. We have owned the bike personally for a number of years. New MOT provided at point of sale



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